2020: Discipleship in a Technological Age


The 2020 Gathering will take place at the Techny Towers Conference and Retreat Center in Techny, IL from July 9-11.


Technology. What is it? Is it good? Is it bad? Are we using it, or is it using us? On the one hand, technology has always been with us, moving us along as we make our way through the world. On the other hand, things seem to be moving faster and the world seems to be changing more quickly. It seems undeniable, and wonderful, that God made us (homo faber) to make things. But these things, in these ways, and at these costs?

2020’s Gathering theme, “Discipleship in a Technological Age”, helps us ask these questions as Christian disciples. Rather than starting with an oppositional view, we first ask about the positive uses and meanings of technology, looking at ways technology encourages and enables flourishing and faithfulness. We then examine some common uses of technology, in church and beyond, and question whether those uses serve or undermine flourishing and faithfulness. Helping us do so will be speakers who think about technology, human flourishing and Christian faithfulness a lot. Join us for this exciting and engaging conversation.

Here’s a list of our plenary speakers for the Gathering:

John Dyer, Dean of Enrollment Services and Educational Technology and Adjunct Professor of Media Arts & Worship at Dallas Theological Seminary.

Eugene McCarraher, Associate Professor of History and Anne Quinn Welsh Fellow at Villanova University.

Katherine Schmidt, Assistant Professor of Theology at Molloy College.

“How We Think About Technology” Panel of EP Young People.

Invitation to Teenagers, Children, and Families

This year we invite you again to bring teenagers to the Gathering. We wonder if younger people might have a unique perspective to offer this conversation about the church and technology. We also wonder if they might hear a compelling call in this gathering.

This year the gathering will include focused sessions and conversations tailored to suit 12-18 year olds, as well as a chance for them to school the adults about their experience with technology in the fourth and final plenary session.

We believe that the hope of the world is discovered in a broken and beautiful church, and we believe this hope is captivating enough to stake our lives upon. We hope you will invite young people to join us in this conversation.

Our hospitality to families traveling with small children will include free nursery and playtime during all scheduled sessions. Family rates are available. Please let us know how we can help accommodate you. We will track down high chairs, pack ‘n plays, puzzles, pretzels, or whatever you like. Contact j.d.gunby@gmail.com



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