Courageous Witness

Easter Sunday




Acts 10:34-43

1 Corinthians 15:1-11

John 20:1-18


The story of Jarena Lee, the first woman licensed to preach in the AME Church, is fascinating.  Hired out as a servant at the age of seven and separated from her mother for fourteen years, Lee struggles with depression and thoughts of suicide for much of her youth.  She is convinced that she will never find happiness here on earth.  Then, at age 21, she sets out for Philadelphia, where she finds an AME Church and a caring pastor named Richard Allen.  They quickly become the family she has never had.  Within three weeks, she experiences conversion in the midst of a worship service.  She leaps to her feet and declares that God has pardoned the sins of her soul and she tells of the wonders and the goodness of the God who has clothed her with salvation.   Read more