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Choose Wisely; Remember Well

Thanks to a campaign organized by Mennonite pastors, there’s reason for those of us in the United States to look forward to November 6 as something more than the official end of a nasty and dispiriting secular political cycle: whatever you choose to do on Election Day in the US, take time to consciously celebrate the unifying communion of and in the Body of Christ. Among the goals of this Election Day Communion Campaign is “…to build unity in Christ despite theological, political, and denominational differences.”

Commenting elsewhere, Julia Smucker echoes the campaign’s recommendation that readers celebrate the Eucharist on US Election Day, referring to it as an Anamnesis, the liturgical act of Eucharistic remembrance, a call in this case to remember, among other things:

that real power in this world — the power to save, to transform, to change – ultimately rests not in political parties or presidents or protests but in the life, the death, and the resurrection of Jesus;

Whatever your ecclesial tradition, whatever your secular political choices, this is an opportunity – on a day so often given to division and righteous indignation -“to re-member the body of Christ…,” and to confess “…the ways in which partisan politics has separated us from God and each other.”

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  1. Lois Johns Kaufmann says:

    I am grateful to see this idea for redirecting our attention, both now and on Election Day, toward the deepest realities of life. I will bring this to the attention of our Central District Conference pastors in the weeks ahead.


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